Selling A Business

Sellers of businesses are at an information disadvantage. Buyers are often sophisticated investors, or they have access to expert advice.  The seller has usually never experienced the disposal process. This site aims to redress the balance and give you all the information, tools and support you need to effect a successful and satisfactory sale.

To put it very simply, there are three steps to a successful sale and we’ll take you through them in the following pages.


Getting organised, putting the house in order, assembling the necessary financial statements, tax records and other data;  getting a valuation (or a value “range”); finding and instructing a broker or researching the For Sale By Owner option.

Preparation >>


Putting together the Confidential Information Memorandum,  identifying potential buyers or locations where the opportunity will be advertised, presenting the memorandum to the right investors after they’ve signed the confidentiality agreement.

Presentation >>

Pay Off

Screening buyers, answering due diligence questions, negotiating the price and deal structure with the buyer, agreeing terms of the contract, instructing solicitors, taking the transaction to escrow. Advising Business Owners Since 2005.