First Stage in Selling a Business: Preparation

It’s never too early and it’s never too late to start planning your exit. In fact, it’s wise to plan your exit from the conception stage itself, when you’re starting a business.

What’s involved in preparation.

… various stages…

The Broker or DIY Sale Decision

We support you whatever your choice. We provide extensive information on choosing a broker, negotiating his price and motivating him to do a good job. Our 50 page ebook contains all you need to know about brokers and dealing with them.

We also provide extensive help if you wish to sell your business yourself. Start here.

We suggest investigating both options and spending some time to carefully consider the choices before taking a decision.  A bad broker choice can do considerable harm. Apart from losing you several months of time some buyers may be put off by badly handled communications and you can’t approach those buyers again without looking desperate. Advising Business Owners Since 2005.