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For: Brokers, Business Transfer Agents, Intermediaries, M&A Consultants, Valuers, Deal Solicitors, Other Deal Advisors.

If you’re a professional handling any aspect of the deal process, please get in touch to see how we can be of assistance to each other. We are always looking for quality partners.

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If you wish to contribute an article we may consider it for publication either on our site or in our newsletters, but it would need to be 1500+  words, completely original, insightful and from your own experience. We aren’t interested in pieces contracted out to hired writers at content farms.

You can send in a proposal via our contact form. You’ll get a bio and dofollow linkback in return for your article. We insist on disclosure i.e. all articles contributed by third parties need to disclose the name of the party and have a link to their business.

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We strictly do not sell any links on this site. Please do not contact us in this regard.


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