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Over many years of hard graft you’ve overcome remarkable odds to establish and build a successful UK business.

Your business is probably your single largest asset. Have you considered unlocking some (or all) of the value of the value in your business?

That’s where we come in.  From qualified valuers to business brokers to merger accountants, our panel has all the expertise to provide tools, support and objective advice for you to to exit at the maximum price within a reasonable time.  And most of the advice is at no charge, freely available on this site.  If you support us by becoming a member you get much, much more: Benefits of membership.

It doesn’t matter if

  • You’ve never sold a business before / have no idea where to begin
  • You want to sell your business yourself  or use a broker
  • The business is entirely online / offline / in a “tricky” niche
  • The business is not currently generating a profit
  • The business is too small for a broker to get involved
  • The business has a £10M+ T/O (Investment Banker involvement)
  • The business is in need of relocation …or a new marketing plan
  • You want to sell just part of the equity (minority recap)
  • You want to sell a majority stake in your company
  • There is a need to move quickly to transaction completetion
  • You need other business exit assistance.

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